Before you Bid

Important Information

The auction selling method has been around for a long time and can be a fantastic way to save a lot of money on your vehicle BUT we want you to be aware of these things before bidding with us at HammerDown Auctions.


  •   Caveat Emptor 

          Auctions cause excitement and fun in the ring but huge upset later if you are not aware! The cars sold at auction are a wide range of conditions and it is your risk to purchase the vehicle at the right price.  Once the car is sold, the sale is legally binding and cannot be returned or reversed as in traditional dealership sales. 

  • Knowledge and Patience are Required

        Having your budget (including an amount for mechanical/cosmetic repairs is a must at auction!) and researching makes and models is the place to start but it is just as important to review the vehicles onsite.  Previewing the vehicles with a review of interior and exterior condition and operations is critical.  Using price lookup tools for car values and reviewing car conditions thoroughly (with a professional when needed) before the auction starts can save you for over paying or getting a major issues car. While the want to have a new vehicle is a strong feeling, patience is needed with auctions to find your perfect car without hurting your pocket book.

  • Bidding Online take EXTRA

       Online bidding is extremely convenient! Please remember that pictures cannot replace and in-person review for issues with locking mechanisms, window cracks, paint chips, engine knocks, etc. We commit to streaming our audio and video to you at each auction but extra vigilance and thought is required when bidding online and not reviewed in person. To ensure you know what you are purchasing order a vehicle inspection via WeGoLook

Stop and read about auctions

Stop and read about auctions

How Our Auction Works

Check In

Having a big sale, on-site celebrity, or other event? Be sure to announce it so everybody knows and gets excited about it.


 One of the most important part of auctions is the preview! Preview starts at 8am the day of sale.  The vehicles sold at our auctions range from cars in good condition to "fixer-uppers" or "parts only" cars. During preview, we encourage you to:

  • Complete a full exterior inspection 
  • Turn the car over and let it idle
  • Move the car forward and backwards up to three feet
  • Test window, door, AC and heating systems
  • Connect scanners to engines
  • Open the hood, trunk and get under the car!

If you don't know cars inside and out, bring someone with you who does. To inspect a vehicle, go to the key shed in the lot, present your driver's license, and ask for the keys.  YOU MAY NOT DRIVE the vehicle around the lot or off the lot.  


  This is the fun part! Each vehicle will be driven through our auction building. The auctioneer will announce the lot number and describe the vehicle, announcing everything we know about it, whether good or bad. Then the bidding starts. Here’s how it tends to go:

  • The auctioneer will suggest a starting price: "Who'll give me $2000 to start?" If nobody wants to start at that price, the auctioneer will lower the amount until someone bids. “ How about someone give me $1000?”
  • Joe will take the opening price by simply raising his hand and display his bidder number. A ringman may point him and shout, "YES!" The auctioneer will acknowledge the bid. “ I have $1000.”
  • The auctioneer will start asking for higher bids: "I have $1000, do I hear $1500?" Mary wants to bid $900, she will raise her bidder number, the ringman will point to her and shout, "YES!" 
  • The ringman will point to Mary and Joe will be out. 
  • The process continues until nobody wants to bid any higher. The auctioneer will determine to sell the lot based on the reserve. “Going once, twice, third and final call: SOLD! For $1500 to bidder number 268." 

A clerk will write down the winning amount and the buyer number and the bidder will meet the clerk to sign thier ticket. After you sign your ticket, if you are done bidding on vehicles please go to the office immediately to make a deposit or pay in full. If you are not done bidding, return to the arena and feel free to bid on more vehicles. If a vehicle is sold on a “if”, you must check in with the office to see if the seller has accepted your offer. If you do not check on your “if” bids and have multiple sellers accept your offers. You won each vehicle and will be required to pay for all vehicles won. 



When you are done bidding for the day, go to the office and present your bidder number to the cashier. You may pay right then with Visa, MasterCard(ALL CREDIT CARD transactions will incur a 4% convenience fee added by the bank) or Cash. A $300 deposit is required for each vehicle at the time of your successful high bid. The balance is due by the business day follwoing the Auction by 4:00 PM (Monday). ALL CREDIT CARD transactions will incur a 4% convenience fee added by the bank.

All titles will be handed out no sooner than the Wednesday following the auction. There is no guarantee your title will be available on that Wednesday. By Nebraska State law we have up to 30 days to get you your title, although it rarely takes that long. We will call you to pick up your title once it has arrived. At this time it is your responsibility to come into our office to pick up the title. If you live more than an 1hr drive time from our office, we will mail you the title.