About Us


  • Since 2013, HammerDown Auctions has been providing a valuable venue where the public can, “Buy at YOUR Price” HammerDown Auctions has held over 1,000 public car auctions on both online and in person at our convenient location in Omaha,NE off Interstate 680. Thousands of satisfied customers have purchased vehicles here at deep discounted prices, far below retail. Simply put when you buy at Auction you receive a tremendous value.
  • Avoid paying top dollar on Retail Vehicles when you can purchase cars that are ready for you to drive home - At HoTail Prices for as much as 60% less than what you would pay at a Dealership.
  • HammerDown Auctions is the best place to buy a vehicle, because we are a offer benefits that other Auctions and Dealerships won't.
  • 1. No Special License Required! You do not need a dealer license to purchase a vehicle at HammerDown Auctions. Most Auctions require you to be a licensed dealer; we are Open to the Public. Anyone is Welcome.
  • 2. FREE Registration/Free To BID! There is no fee to register or to participate in the Auction. We require no money down to preview the cars, bid online or bid in person. Many Auctions require you to pay money just to simply walk through the doors or they will have a registration fee to bid, but here it's ALL FREE!
  • 3. Preview Times, Our lot opens for you on Friday evenings from 5pm to 7pm to preview the inventory fore the following day's auction. In addition, on Saturday's you can come to Preview and Test Start cars from 8am-9:30am. You will be hard pressed to find Auctions that will let you even look inside the cars before the Auction let alone giving you the power and freedom to start the vehicle's.
  • 4. More Power, Better Prices, Great Reserve Prices on All Cars! This is your chance to turn the tables on the car dealerships. You can finally stop paying those high dealership retail prices when you buy directly through our consignment Auction. Usually vehicles sell for prices around 30%-60% below the Retail Price listed in our Car Catalog. Please note that unless otherwise noted all sellers who bring cars to the Auction have the right to set a reserve price on any cars that go through our Auction. Sellers can also sell cars with No Reserve as well. Due to Privacy Policy we do not issue sellers personal information. When you raise your hand in the air and place a bid it is your choice, you are in control. As you bid, you can pick and choose what price you feel comfortable bidding and if you do not like a price you can simply lower your hand and indicate to the Auctioneer you are done bidding. If you agree to the bid to the point that you are the last bidder standing amongst the crowd it is in this moment that you have the ultimate power to show the seller you have an offer to buy their vehicle that is the best price they will see at that Auction. The seller at this time will then indicate if they will sell the car or not, but being that your offer is the best and since no one else is left, sellers are known to buckle at the knees and let the vehicles go for fantastic prices you cannot find anywhere else. When a seller sees you are the last bidder standing among all the people in the Auction and online you are in the ultimate power position to buy the vehicle. 
  • Please note, that unless otherwise noted all sellers who bring vehicles to the Auction have the right to set a reserve price on any vehicles that go through our Auction. Sellers can also sell cars with No Reserve as well. No Reserve cars can sell up to 70% off the Retail Price. If you see a vehicle marked "No Reserve" it will be in the title of the car in our online catalog if you do not see the words "No Reserve" the car has a reserve price. The good news is that whether a vehicle has a reserve or not you will save thousands off the retail price. So the good news is that at every Auction whether a car has a reserve or not you will save thousands off the retail price.
  • 5. Longer Guarantee than the other Auctions! We offer a 90 day “POWERTRAIN PLUS” warranty on SELECT AUCTION vehicle's. No other Public Auto Auction in Nebraska or in fact the US offers this to it's buyer's. We want you to be able to buy with CONFIDENCE!! We hope if you are considering buying at an Auction you understand for an Auction house this time period for Warranties is unheard of in the auto Auction industry and we are happy to be the trail blazer in this industry as it greatly benefits our auction and our customers.
  • 6. Our owner has been in the Auto Auction Business for over a decade!!We are a quality business the believes in fair practices and honesty. We work very hard to be one of the most successful Public Auctions in the United States. We know that this will happen because our Auction allows you what other Auctions won't and the price is almost always unbeatable. We have sold everything from Maserati's to Honda's all over the World to satisfied customers. We have even sold Box Trucks, Fleet, Construction, Repos, US Marshal seized vehicle's, Donations, Dirt Bikes, Motorcycles and Golf Carts. After selling over thousands of vehicles we can honestly say we are here to stay and will always strive to improve our operations to ensure more success in the future.

 HammerDown Auctions is neither the buyer or the seller in any transaction. Our purpose is to act as an agent to complete the transaction between two parties. We do not assume responsibilities for omissions or the failure to make announcements on the auction block. 

 We not only sell your average everyday vehicle's, we specialize in Classic Auto's. With over 60 combined years in the Classic Auto Industry, we are the Company to turn to when you are looking to liquidate one or a whole collection